Dubbo BUG Christmas Party

We always have a great time at any BUG’s Do; be it a Breakfast Ride, Christmas Party, New Years Ride or a weekend trip away. This year’s Christmas Party, was also enjoyed by a few new members and a few we haven’t seen for some time, always great to catch up. Unfortunately there were a few BUGs that couldn’t make it, a great reason to have a Breakfast ride, not that we need a reason.

beer-nibblies-in-the-grounds  norma-kath paul-norma  brenda-daryl   kerrie-julie-sue-brenda   kath-kev  helen-sam graham-sharon  craige-karen carl-dave-ange   mark-greg-lucy  dinner mick-kerrie-norma sharon-graham-sue-julie kev-ange-dave-sam-helen kev-friends carl-friends kerrie-mick kerrie-ange jody-ray