Mid West Tour – Day 5, 13 October 2016

Day 5 – Tooraweenah to Dunedoo, 101k

Great day today, although the 100k on MTBs had a couple worried but all handled it with ease. A bit of a mixture with a couple of water crossings to make it interesting.

Photos: Vic and Paul on the dirt out of Tooraweenah. Pretty much sums it up, a bit of everything. Pete up to his axles, Norma touches down and our car got through ok, the biggest worry as the bikes aren’t a problem.

vic-and-paul a-bit-of-everything pete-up-to-his-axles norma-touches-down the-car-got-through-ok

Lunch on Andrew Dodds lawn on Wongini Rd. Kerrie Cooper and Norma ready for the last 30k after lunch. Great country roads and the boys fixing the dirt roads after the recent rain.

lunch-on-adrew-dodds-lawn kerrie-norma great-country-roads the-boys-fixing-the-road