Tracker Riley Cycleway Extension Now Open

Dubbo Council recently opened the section from the Tamworth Street parking area, along the Macquarie River behind Regand Park and onto Macquarie Street, coming out between Regand Park and the Water Treatment Works.

It has a good surface of compressed gravel, no sign of cat heads (yet), and you get a great view of the work going on at the South Dubbo weir.

Bird life is in abundance, and you can also check out the colony of bats in the trees, just before you head up to Macquarie Street.

If you were not already aware the Tracker Riley Cycleway goes under the Emile Serisier Bridge on both sides of the river. On the eastern or town side you can now go under the bridge and along behind the Nita McGrath Basketball Courts. Council has put in a bitumen surface from the bridge up the incline, and then compressed gravel again. It doesn’t go far, but is a start towards going out to Devil’s Elbow and the business section of North Dubbo.

Kathy Furney


Dubbo BUG