Wellington SpringFest Cycle Classic

Dubbo BUG

On behalf of the Wellington SpringFest Committee, I invite you and other members of your club to join our inaugural cycle ride.  Details are on our website: http://www.wellingtonspringfest.com.au/springfest-cycle-classic.html
​We are also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wellingtonspringfestcycleclassic
​Could I encourage you and your members ​to like our page and share our posts?
It promises to be a great ride, especially as it is part of a larger, fun filled weekend – things for whole families to enjoy.  Please could your circulate this invitation to your members via email ​and ​or Face​b​ook and we look forward to having you and your friends on our ride.
Please do not hesitate to contact Richard Ivey by return email or on 0428 284283 with any queries or further information required.